AlHassan Foundation


Info Hub

We collect beneficiaries’ data and analyze it using an advanced analytical tool to be able to serve them according to their needs and geographical distribution.

Rise Up

We provide diverse rehabilitation services that empower wheelchair users physically, psychologically, and socially.

Customized Wheelchairs

We provide tailor-made wheelchairs for each case based on his/her weight, height, health condition, and needs. It’s made with medically approved materials, and components

Accessibility for All

We offer reliable and practical accessibility solutions to inaccessible venues, facilities, and transportation means.

Source of Income

We aim to achieve financial independence for our beneficiaries; enable them to be bread earners NOT a burden through training for employment or starting their own business.

AlHassan Academy for Sports & Arts

That program is an outlet for beneficiaries to shine through their favorite hobby and explore their passion. We have numerous teams in 6 sports and we hold periodic arts workshops for kids and young adults.

Social Awareness

We make on-ground events and monthly campaigns on our social media platforms that empower differently-abled people and work towards achieving effective inclusion in society.

Kids on Wheels

Our kids are our future. We offer all our projects to children but with more focus on younger generations age from 4 years to 16 years kids due to their sensitive nature and significant needs.
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