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What is AlHassan Foundation?
AlHassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion is an Egyptian Non-profit and DPO under the umbrella of Ministry of Social Solidarity No.711/2013. It serves humans with physical challenges, mainly wheelchair users, in all of Egypt’s 27 governorates through 8 developmental projects. AlHassan Foundation is qualified for receiving Zakat and Almsgiving under the slogan "We are the differently abled".
Are the projects of AlHassan Foundation is certified for receiving the Zakat and
AlHassan Foundation projects are qualified for receiving the Zakat and Almsgiving, according to a Fatwa from Al-Azhar.
Who are the beneficiaries of AlHassan Foundation projects?
AlHassan Foundation serves people with physical differences through developmental projects aimed to achieving financial and physical independence.
Does AlHassan Foundation accept In-kind contributions or Nonmonetary donations?
AlHassan Foundation accepts some types of In-kind contributions and Nonmonetary donations.
Does AlHassan Foundation accept cash donations?
AlHassan Foundation accepts cash donations under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The projects of the AlHassan Foundation are qualified for receiving the Zakat and almsgiving, according to a Fatwa from Al-Azhar.
How can I donate to AlHassan Foundation?

-Arab African Bank - Shooting Club Branch, account 705750

-National Bank of Egypt - all branches on the account number 1469550302023100019

-Egypt Post - all branches on account number 0130212002808818

-CIB Bank - All branches on account number 100044308767

on code 7110

-Mega Kheir
Message on 95517

-Unified code for donation
code 750750

What are the sources of funding for AlHassan Foundation projects?
AlHassan Foundation projects are funded by individual donations, grants, our partners contribustions from Egyptian banks and companies, and international institutions concerned with the affairs of persons with disabilities.
Who can join AlHassan Foundation membership?
Permanent wheelchair users are the ones who can join the membership of the AlHassan Foundation, and benefit from the Foundation's projects.
Does AlHassan Foundation provide services for other injuries or disabilities?
AlHassan Foundation provides employment service for different kinds of injuries and various disabilities.
Can AlHassan Foundation provide financial support for campaigns to raise awareness
of the rights of persons with disabilities for other entities?
AlHassan Foundation is a developmental foundation depended on donations and is not entitled to financially support other institutions, but we can provide consultations, workshops and lectures on matters related to persons with disabilities. For more details, you can contact customer service on this number 01011112666
Does AlHassan Foundation need volunteers?
Yes, we need volunteers, but not permanently, only for organzing the events and gatherings of the members.
Does AlHassan Foundation provide financial support to its members?
No, AlHassan Foundation does not financially support any person with disabilities, but we provide services and developmental projects with the aim of empowering them to reach to physical and financial independence.
Does AlHassan Foundation provide support for medical treatment for its members?
No, AlHassan Foundation does not support medical treatment for any person with a disability.

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