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Alhassan FDN enforces inclusion and independence of its physically challenged members – with emphasis on females and single moms raising
their kids independently – across 27 governorates, especially underprivileged areas in Egypt.

In Alhassan FDN we walk the talk! The employment equation has been reversed. 70% of FDNemployees are physically challenged while 30%
are abled bodies: (40% females 60% males).

Alhassan FDN finances; monitors & partners in micro & small developmental projects.

We offer:
1- Funding for small projects
2- Occupational training
3- Employment and networking

The project solves the unemployment problem for wheelchair users, lack of income, and exclusion of wheelchair users from society
and its aspects. Instead, Alhassan Foundation offers them a valuable chance to achieve their dreams and turn them into reality.
Through this project, wheelchair users can work on a daily basis, get engaged in society, and generate a source of income for themselves
and their families.

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