Rania Rushdie’s Success Story (Community Awareness Project)

Name: Rania Roushdy Age: 25 years Injury: Atrophy in the muscles of foot from the age of 3 years Rania Roushdy Bachelor of Arts Sociology Department. Working with cartoon designers and wedding accessories. Her dream for the future is that she is the most important radio presenter in the Arab world. Rania is sick with atrophy in the muscles of foot from the age of 3 years; but she started using the wheelchair at the age of 19 years. After the use of wheelchair her life changed to certain extent, “I mean, I cannot live with life, but my passion for it is still there, but one of the most important challenges I have encountered is the period of study at the university and the work because of the many moves in it”. She wanted to apply for Fine Arts but her parents refused, thinking, from their point of view, she will turn out to be a skilled painting labor, then she thought of Mass Media but this was not possible for a wheelchair user. She has become a sociologist and has benefited personally from her influence in dealing with people; “I simply understood how to deal with herself”. Rania was taught that she is dealing with different human beings and that she knows that she is thinking of solutions to her problems. Rania’s most problematic problem she faced was the infrastructure of Egypt, because during the building process they forgot that abilities of people varies. Just moving from place to place; not just a car but also a chair you can handle and move with. She hopes the presence of different abilities in the ministry to present all sects of people; and that the Government takes the initiative of providing compensatory devices. By the way, Rania is seen on TV. The story started with a beauty expert who asked for her to work as a makeup and veil model and the events went on and the fashion of each dress was exhibited while sitting in her mobile chair. She also entered the contest Miss Egypt for veiled ladies and won the title of the first model in the Arab world using a wheelchair after which many channels recorded with her, including the program of “Al-Hayat Alyoum” on Al-Hayat channel and happy day on “Nile Life” channel and also ON TV and the youth of the Egyptian, Rania story is summed up in “what women want” and CNN And Reuters Agency on Rotana Egypt also took notice of her story. The story of Rania is summed up in “You were created with your destiny and your ability to endure it”.

The success story of Mahmoud Al-Naggar (community awareness)

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Name: Mahmoud Al-Naggar Age: 29 years Injury:  of the quadriplegia. Mahmud Al-Naggar Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce Helwan and works as Assistant Director of the follow-up Department in Sigma company for medicine. He was involved in car accident in 2012 caused a quadriplegia … But after the incident he maintained his work and also opened his company for advertising & publicity, and is working on his Master’s in Business Administration. After the incident, Mahmud would say that it was black because he didn’t know what happened to him … But he needed to take some action, he began to read about the cases of similar situations to the extent that he absorbed his new life … And made sure that he needs to complete his life and succeed and face Society and do crazy things. The founder Al-Hassan played the role in providing very successful and respectable Models, which helped to completely change his opinion and was encouraged to carry on with his life. The difficulties facing all wheelchair users are that the places are not equipped or available and also of climbing up stairs. This is one of his adventures It is the first time that Mahmoud traveled three days for relaxation in Alexandria after the incident and decided to make it a unique trip, so he would forget about the car and joystick spend the evening using means of transportation … apart from The people’s looks at him and surprised from the person who is in an electric wheelchair  … and tried to return by train, but discovered that the station is not equipped and no equipped Ramp at the entrance, but found that ramp is inside and when he asked for the reason they said that this is for luggage! ! But it helped him to move. He didn’t find tickets, so he took one of buses going to Cairo and reserved a place for himself and a place for the chair! Mahmoud You are right in the idea that we need to study the conditions in which we are facing to have the ability to complete our life and start a new life also.

Hind Hazem’s Success Story (Sports Project)

Name: Hind Hazem Taha Habib – Al-Sharqiyah Age: 39 years Injury quadriplegia (as a result of a car accident) The beginning of joining the Foundation was under a project of arts and sports joined and learned swimming with the team of the institution and entered the championships and achieved a number of medals … Sports made a big change altogether as it fills her with positive energy, she began to see the problems of the whole world is small and of no value … Sports helps to be more flexible in dealing with people … It made think of matters she never thought she can attain as the travel from one province to another … Her personality was strong and bold and she trusted herself more than in the past. Currently, Hind is a presenter at Radio Bent Al Zayat, and she hosts honorable models from the members of the Foundation and says that she still has more ambitions to achieve.

The Success Story of Hala Abdel Salam (Arts Project)

Name: Hala Abdel Salam Mostafa – Cairo Age: 45 years Injury: poliomyelitis (since birth) using the chair since childhood and the matter was very ordinary for her … “I completed my studies and stayed at home and then learned some handicraft (accessories), and began to sell my work and join in exhibitions… After knowing the institution and the use of Customized chair project , the chair made it easier to  move and became more and more on the go and the relationship grows larger than the first and joined exhibitions more and works more and recently honored by the team of Alhindra for her artistic work and after appearing in a program with members of the Foundation With lamis El-hadidi, she felt she wanted to become TV presenter And began to seek its goal and soon she will start the first program on YouTube and dreamed of being a famous announcer in the most famous satellite channels, with God’s will.

Peter Salah’s Success Story (Arts Project)

Name: Peter Salah – Cairo Age: 31 years Injury: Poliomyelitis.  Peter Salah Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce- Ain Shams University and works Director of costs at the Galvana company … He has a polio from the age of 6 years; because he had fever and took a wrong injection and in short, he is living his whole life on a wheelchair; study, work, wheelchair tennis and photography; and also drives cars, a motorcycle, horse and beach buggy; playing bowling and billiards and was always changing the chair and its brand as a kind of change; but in secondary studies things changed as he owned a sports wheelchair. This was interesting; “I learned billiards and the people were watching the hero who was in a wheelchair and professionally in his playing”. And the chair was never limiting his moves and used to go to the cinema and theaters and the pyramids and riding horse and camel. He used to quit a school and went to the amusement park to play.  He completed his studies in the university and he had a job. He knew a tennis coach and the coach offered him to practice tennis because of his professional use of the wheelchair. The result was that he was the first tennis player to play on wheelchairs in Egypt; and that is why the sport is spreading in Egypt to a certain extent. And Peter participated in the tournaments and has a local rank in Egypt. He is delighted with photography, but not only as a hobby, but he went further than that to open a studio of his own, making him one of the first people who worked photographers on a wheelchair

Success story of Safaa Attia (Financial Support Project)

Name: Safaa Attia Abdelhamid Mohammed – Qalioubia Age: 35 years (illiteracy) Injury:  Foot collapsing. Safaa started its project for mobile accessories with the support of the Hassan Foundation and to reflect on her project saying: “Frankly I do not know how to start but I can say that from the day I started the project I felt great difference in all my life, first of all my life changed a lot and I am dealing with different people, and I learned to be bold in my actions, but not in a wrong way I learned to know the people truly and  not the way I used to see them in the past and the project,   thanks to God began to grow, where I added other products – other than the essential requirements of the telecommunications. People began to accept me and the respectable way I communicate with them, and she says about Al Hassan Foundation: “You are working on projects that are not a source of income, but they also have a lot of other benefits. I am talking about myself. I became a different person in all my life. I go out and get all my shopping myself without relying on any of the people who used to assist me. I would like to thank all of you- Miss Lobna in charge of “Financial Support” project, and Mr. Alaa Projects Manager for their help and to have means of support. I would like to thank you for your assistance. Thank you very much.

Naji Ghazi’s Success Story (Source of Income Project)

Name: Ghazi Naji Ghazi – Monoufia Age: 29 years (Secondary Azhari) Injury: quadriplegia. I am Ghazi Nagy and I set up a grocery project supported by Al Hassan Foundation and I share my experience and my life, which has seriously changed from the time I joined the Foundation. I was hit by an accident in 2011 in swimming pool which resulted in a break in cervical vertebrae, which led to quadriplegia and seriously lived a very difficult life during this period. I was spending my whole day in my room or the chair and I was sitting for months at home and did not go out of our house until joining AL Hassan foundation though I didn’t know anything about them because I was almost isolated from the people. And then I exchanged communication with the foundation and knew myself and they knew me, of course, and they asked me if I would like to get a job, and this was dream of my life to work and practice my life in a normal way, and thank God they gave me the option to choose the project that suits me and fits my neighborhood and this was a grocery store and stationary and photocopy machine. I received my project in June 2016 and I was very happy with not knowing what to say except that they have changed my life. I was able to get out and deal with people and talk to them opposite to what my life was before that, my life was isolated from them, and all I felt that they felt sympathy for me. I am handicapped and cannot work and cannot live my life normally. But thank God thanks to the founder of Al-Hassan I deal with all people as an ordinary person and carry on with my work and sell and buy, contact the traders, get the goods I need and completed my project in a normal manner, it’s may be of small size but a fully integrated business, there was  some of the basic items missing  of the shop like a refrigerator and a sensitive balance, and other products, I have achieved all of this but I really feel that I have right to live my life and I was thinking that I can get married and have a family.  Al-Hassan Foundation did not provide a source of livelihood but was a source of happiness, happiness and change in my life… We all need to change for the better and come out and be successful in our lives.

Amr Farouk’s Success Story (Sports Project)

Name: Amr Farouk Age: 25 years Injury: Hemiplegia since birth. Amr holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a champion in our national team in Rio de Janeiro 2016 for weightlifters (weight greater than 107). Amr found that the chair made “a big difference in my life and I did not need help from others, or to have to accompany me all the time, as well as I can go out alone and drive my car and dismantle the chair and fix it myself,  but the old  one needed a great effort in the movement and had a negative impact in the training but after the use of active chair I saved my effort for the training and I move the chair with the least effort.

The Success Story of Bilal Emad (Our children on Wheels Project)

Name: Bilal Emad Fathy Age: 13 years Injury: Brittle bone disease since birth Bilal in 2nd preparatory year   and winner of 5 medals in the Republic championship in swimming 2017 Bilal says” I joined the foundation from about a year and received an active chair that helped me to move easily and started going to school alone, my voice reached the officials and they transferred me to my class in the ground floor.

Samah Mohammed’s Success Story (Equipped Means of Transport Project)

Name: Samah Mohammed Abdel Fattah Age: 41 years Injury: Poliomyelitis. Samah a self-reliance person has opened her small project to earn her living – not only that, and she is playing sport and she proved herself – life is hard on her a bit, but she decided to quit because she needs not to feel any shyness because of  any kind of customs and traditions, Or any possible criticism, she will take the challenge and drove Motorcycle and began to take her short trips to the club and also  to buy the goods of her shop  and this saved her a lot of expenses  and kept a small savings for time and to grow her project. Samah’s dreams are many and most important that she masters all her needs in life, not just working but feeling the urge for life.