Egyptian Information Hub

Egyptian Information Hub

About the project:

Al Hassan Foundation seeks to determine the number of wheelchair users in all governorates of Egypt to the possibility of presenting suitable plans and projects based on documented information in cooperation with all concerned parties.

The user of the permanent wheelchair fills in forms through the page of the institution on Facebook or through the customer service numbers (in the case of children, the guardian is responsible)

The project is free where the member does not participate with any material contributions for subscription.

Required Documents:

  1. Phone / Mobile Number
  2. Copy of the ID – Birth certificate for those under the age of 16.
  3. A recent medical report on the situation (from the Social Affairs Office of the Ministry of Education “not to exceed 6 months” stamped with the official seal.
  4. Qualification certificate
  5. In the case of work: Provide a recent statement of the state of the career attached to the salary terms with a sealed certificate to inform of regular attendance.
  6. In the case of study: providing proof of recent registration and a sealed certificate indicating regular attendance.
  7. Social research from the applicant’s social affairs office
  8. The matching of the personal account name on Facebook (if any) with the user’s name on the ID card
  9. To be examined by the institution’s doctor
  10.  Attending the orientation gathering in the institution to explain the projects and how to apply Commitment and signing the general rules of the institution