Social Awareness

Social Awareness

Al Hassan Foundation promotes community awareness of the rights of those who can differ and advocate their inclusion in the society as a whole. Public and private sector institutions, schools, universities, clubs, youth centers, etc. through the various media, radio, television, magazines and newspapers, and social media.

The change includes two main parties:

Wheelchair users themselves and their families: through groupings for members to raise awareness of their rights and their duty and to outline the behavior of “I am capable” through the participation of old members to convey their experiences and the impact they have experienced from the institution, the experiences are transferred not only among members but also between family members and each other

Society as a whole: Al Hassan Foundation seeks to change the civilization and human system in Egypt and the Arab world to accept the other. This is one of the biggest challenges facing us. It is changing the society’s view towards wheelchair users or owners of any work differences

Provisions and documents required to represent the institution

. To be a member of Al Hassan Foundation

. To be a member looked up to as an example in any area of ​​life

. Written approval from the Foundation

General Notes:

. Preferably to appear in the uniforms of Al-Hassan Foundation.

. Signing the approval of the ownership of the Foundation for media materials

. The Foundation shall be entitled to use the success stories of the members accompanied by expressive images or videos in all means of advertising (written – audible – visible)