Source of Income

Source of Income

About the project

Al Hassan Foundation stimulates the financial independence and encourages wheelchairs users to work and earn their own living and support their families. Therefore, we finance and participate wheelchair users in small development projects in all governorates of Egypt, especially in Upper Egypt and the other governorates

Al Hassan Foundation also coordinates with institutions and companies in order to recruit relevant caliber after making sure that the workplace is equipped to receive wheelchair users

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The applicant must be a permanent wheelchair user
  2. The applicant is not employed in any job
  3. The applicant has not benefited from a project of the Customized Chair and Equipped Connection project for submission in the sustenance project (not less than one year).
  4. To be the full management of the project for the user of the chair
  5. Provide social research from the social affairs office he belongs to.
  6. Commitment to provide a feasibility study and any other documents required by the project
  7. Contribution to the percentage of the project capital estimated at 25% or more (method ofcontribution decided according to type of project)
  1. Submit a valid driver’s license with a disability in the case of the project??
  2. Commitment to the issuance of the required licenses, which are determined according to the type of project submitted.
  1. The obligation to sign a trust receipt by the member with the foundation’s subsidized amount.
  2. Compliance with the terms of the contract according to the type of project submitted
  3. A commitment to sign the member on receipt of cash of the amount supported by the institution
  4. Document the project by filming at all stages of its implementation
  5. Commitment to submit required reports and budgets on time after project implementation
  6. The Foundation shall carry out periodic follow-up and review of all projects and evaluation of project performance financially and technically.
  1. Refer to the project coordinator and consult in the event of challenges and there will be no waiver or

liquidation of the project without recourse to the institution

  1. In case of breach of the terms of contract or liquidation of the project, the Foundation shall recover

the amount it invested in the project.

“I am married and I have 6 sons. The shop helped me to live and support my kids, and I practiced my life like any other father, who took care of his children after being confused as to how to provide them with their needs”.

Mo’men Mohammed Abdullatif Akl – Minia