Customized Wheelchair

Customized Wheelchair

About the project

The Customized Chairs project is an integrated system composed of a full team of “engineers, technicians and administrators”, trained in Germany and England and they had been participated in the largest international wheelchairs exhibitions.

The importance of the project that wheelchairs are considered to be an alternative to the feet, so it must be identical to his owner  like his clothing and shoes, to be proportional to the height, weight and type of injury to the user, etc. … in order to achieve the ease of daily use.

The project is a comprehensive change model  that offers wheelchairs designed specifically for the health of the user on a case-by-case basis, as well as the provision of spare parts for chairs, and periodic maintenance of the electric chair allocated to specific health conditions based on the evaluation of the technical team of the institution

Terms and conditions:


  • Permanent wheelchair user
  • Has a permanent job or self-employed and requires attendance on a daily basis
  • He has a job requiring partial attendance, provided he practices sports officially and gains medals at the end of the season.
  • A student who attends daily school or university and in the case of children, to be transferred to the project of “Our children on Wheels”
  • A player registered with the current Egyptian team

The Customized Chair project is a project of participation where the member contributes with a percentage of the price of the chair according to a study and evaluation of each case individually, and the possibilities available to the institution and the member fulfilling the terms of the project


Required Documents

  1. Copy of the ID above the age of 16 years / birth certificate
  2. A copy of the qualification certificate in addition to a recent medical report “not less than 6 months” stamped with the official seal.
  3. A statement of the status of employment and salary details officially stamped (for) the employees
  4. Social research from social affairs office within his district.
  5. Proof of officially stamped entry, (for students, a statement of registration in the current team)


  • The contribution of the member by a percentage of the total price of the chair and the financial value borne by each member is determined separately.
  • Payment of the down payment of the total amount required before the request of the chair from abroad in cash or through the bank account of the institution.
  • In the case of the invalidity of the papers submitted, the application is canceled and the initial payment of the member is non-refundable.
  • The contribution of the member must be paid before receiving the chair – 3/5 months
  • The applicant has not previously benefited from any other service projects for the institution (for a period not less than one year) and the decision is up to the Board of Directors
  • The type of chair suitable for the member “manual / electric” or “Egyptian / imported” is determined by the assessment of the technical team at the institution


“One of the biggest challenges I faced was the old chair, but with the use of a chair tailored to size made movement is easier because it is lighter in respect to my injury and helped me a great deal to achieve progress in my sport”

Yomna Tarek – Alexandria – Karate champion