Equipped Ride

Equipped Ride

About the project

Equipped means of transportation considered as a key challenge in Egypt, in all its Governorates. In this regard, Al Hassan Foundation has been able to provide practical solutions to facilitate the transfer of members of the Foundation as much as possible and according to availability.

Equipped Vehicles

Provide free information on how to equip cars and the specialized places

A model of a car equipped locally (driving through facilities or independent driving)

A model of a car equipped abroad (driving through facilities)


Equipped Motorcycle

Provide specially designed motorbikes for wheelchair users

With a back seat

(soon) Equipped Buses

Used to transfer employees of the Foundation and its sports teams

Available for rent to Paralympic teams

The Underground

A field survey was carried out with the help of volunteers using wheelchairs to identify the underground stations that wheelchair users can use and to update this information twice throughout the year

Terms and conditions of the project

Motorcycles equipped to be an advanced use for a permanent wheelchair user.

Applicant must be working permanently /or registered for specific study stage

The athlete must be registered as athlete in the national team and needs an appropriate means of transport to facilitate his movements for training

Required Documents:

  1. Copy of the ID
  2. Qualification certificate
  3. Medical report does not exceed 6 months- stamped with an eagle stamp
  4. Photocopy of the driving license of a motorcycle/ with a disability or a medical commission from the traffic office that the person belongs to, which certifies to be physically fit to drive an equipped motorcycle.
  5. Statement of job status “in case of work” and regular attendance
  6. Registration certificate “in case of study” and regular attendance
  7. Social research from his social affairs office that he belongs to.
  8. Issuing a certificate of data from the General Traffic Directorate stating whether or not he owns a motorcycle or an equipped car.
  9. The member must document the receipt by taking photos.
  10. The applicant contributes to the price of the motorcycle

(The applicant has not benefited from any other project for the institution (not less than one year)

General Notes: The organization is not responsible for the misuse of the means of transportation provided, such as driving at high speed or neglect of maintenance, it affects the safety of the member and the life span of the motorcycle.

The company does not provide maintenance services for the motorcycle, where the agent provides maintenance service and spare parts.

“Motorcycle helped me in my transportation. I rely on myself more and I can move independently without relying on anyone, and helped me to have more confidence in myself, and overcoming the challenges and gave me hope in life”

Samah Abdel Fattah – Qalioubia