Kids on Wheels

Kids on Wheels

About the project:

It is one of the Foundation’s eight projects, and is treated as a unique project because of the importance of children. It aims primarily at integrating the younger generation of wheelchair users effectively into society and maintaining their psychological and physical integrity to reach a better future.

Terms and conditions

Availability in schools

Al Hassan Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Education is seeking to equip schools with wheelchairs students users. The child’s parents provide the school data to help in taking the procedures to equip the school in a manner to suit wheelchair users.

A Customized Chair

Required Documents:

  1. Birth certificate of the child
  2. A recent medical report stamped with an eagle stamp (not more than 6 months old)
  3. A statement from the school, and a letter certifying the regular attendance and a copy of ID of guardian.

The financial contribution of the child’s family is determined according to the classification followed.

Priority is given to children enrolled in school’s different levels of study or in sports.

The foundation provides the service of changing children’s chairs according to the situation

The institution provides other chairs locally manufactured for children who do not meet the

Stated requirements.

Arts & Sports:

Submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of the birth certificate of the child
  2. A recent medical report stating that the child is medically fit for sports.
  3. A copy of the qualification certificate or medical report of the case stamped with the official seal.
  4. The guardian must be present with the child during his participation in the activities of the institution,whether sports or recreational activities.