Sports & Arts

Sports & Arts

About the project:

Al Hassan Foundation is keen to integrate mobile wheelchairs users in all stages of life as much as possible and adopt the development of their talents and hobbies as this has a profound impact on their mental health; and this stems from the Foundation’s strong belief that wheelchairs users should exercise their lives naturally without any sense of difference and The Foundation is keen to have sports teams bound to the Paralympic Committee (youth-children-pioneers) in Cairo and Alexandria, in addition to supporting the artistic talents of the Foundation.

Sports currently available: Swimming, table tennis, karate, weightlifting, power games and tennis.

God willing, the expansion to cover other provinces and include more sports.

The Foundation the following provide free for players

  1. Training places as variable as possible
  2. Specialized trainers
  3. Full meal whenever possible.
  4. Expenses for internal and external transfers and accommodation during tournaments
  5. Sports uniforms for winners in official tournaments if financial support is available
  6. Annual subscription to the Paralympic Committee


Achievements of the Foundation teams until May 2017

  1. Medals in various games during the 2016/2017 sports season
  2. Obtaining the second position at the level of the Republic in the long-distance swimming for the year 2016
  3. The first place at the level of the Republic (girls) and the third (boys) in the sports season 2017 in swimming
  4. The Egyptian Cup in the weight lifting of the female leaders in the sports season 2017.


Terms and conditions

  • The applicant should be a permanent wheelchair user and a member of Al Hassan Foundation
  • The applicant must be medically and psychologically fit to practice sports


Required Documents

  1. A copy of the national ID or a copy of the birth certificate for those under 16 years of age
  2. A copy of a certificate of qualification or a copy of a medical report stamped with the seal of the eagle.
  3. A certified medical certificate signed by a medical body stating that the player is medically fit to practice sport.
  4. Letter of dismissal if he is registered with another club.
  5. Signed declaration from the member that all players are fully responsible for themselves and their safety and mobility
  6. In the case of children please refer to Our Children on Wheels project.


Conditions for attending training courses in clubs that holds official contracts with the Foundation:

  1. Only one company is permitted in two cases: if the child is under the age of 16 or the player is a quadriplegia case and is in great need of help (preferably without a company).
  2. Entry of training by membership card/ declaration issued by the institution or the host organization and attendance at the training days and times of each player

3 – Providing meal only training day and in case of cancellation of training, the meal is not disbursed

  1. Departure from the training room (club / hall) within one hour after the end of the exercise
  2. Adhering to the rules and rules of the club during the period of presence in the club
  3. Training shall be exercised only after submission of papers and reports required for registration with the Paralympic Committee


In case the initial trial period is over or the registration of the Paralympic Committee is closed and the member does not submit the required papers, the member is prevented from training until the papers are completed and the registration is opened again.

In the event that the member is a beneficiary of other projects of the institution and is late is paying off his financial commitments, the member is suspended from attending the exercises until the payment of all the obligations agreed upon in advance through:

  1. Communicate with the member who is benefiting from the club training use, amicably.
  2. The next step is suspension for one session.
  3. Finally the member is excluded from the project (this is done by the administration)

For the first time in my life I was playing sport with the foundation and the love that got between me and between the table tennis and made me 3 days in the week traveling from Sharqia to Cairo, I believe in and able to achieve positions in tennis tournaments on behalf of the Foundation

Ahmed El Sagheer – El Sharkeya


About the project

Al Hassan Foundation is keen to integrate wheelchair users in all stages of life as much as possible and adopt the development of their talents and hobbies to develop as this has a profound impact on their mental health

The Conditions

  1. The applicant must be a permanent wheelchair user and meet the requirements of joining Al Hassan Foundation
  2. The applicant must possess a handicraft or talent that the institution can help to develop (crochet / pottery / singing / playing musical instruments etc.)

Al Hassan Foundation has the first dance teams on wheelchairs in the Arab world


Terms and Conditions

  1. Send samples of handicraft products or demonstrate their talent by sending them to the institution through the project coordinator
  2. To pass the initial evaluation stage through specialists to determine the level of the applicant (acceptance – postponement)
  3. In case of acceptance and the presence of training, the member is enrolled in specialized workshops to develop his skills
  4. The preliminary evaluation phase must be passed according to specialists in handicrafts and different talents individually to determine the level of each applicant
  5. In case of regularity and development in the training, the hobby can be transferred from the Arts project to the Sustenance project
  6. The Foundation shall not bear any financial expenses for transfers from and to workshops, exhibitions or training sessions.
  7. The Foundation shall have the right to question any member of the project in case of irregular attendance at the workshops or training sessions.
  8. Photography of trainees in all stages of the project and presenting it as a prerequisite

Workshops for tailoring and sewing – Arts and sport project