May ZeinElDein – Founder & President

May ZeinElDein- Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mrs. May ZeinElDein has 20 years of experience in many multinational companies locally and abroad and is ranked internationally in the top 500 companies worldwide. Mrs. Mai is particularly interested in the field of entrepreneurship in the framework of development for the service of society and specifically people with physical differences through Al-Hassan foundation for the integration of the differently abled individuals, which she founded with a group of friends.

May ZeinElDein strives to change and influence the lives of people with physical differences at the local and international levels by adopting the principles of accepting others, integrating and demanding change of social awareness and making public places available to accommodate those with physical differences in society.




 Nevien El Husseiny- Founder

Nevin El Husseini – Founder

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Helwan University in 1990, she worked as assistant director for five years and then decided to set up an advertising agency and self-management, where she began  with “Aujourd’hui L’Egypte”, to engage in charitable works to express her responsibility towards her community since 1999 and she joined with Ms. May ZeinElDein in 2013  in the establishment of Al Hassan Foundation aiming at developing the community role in Egypt for users of wheelchairs.





Manal Ayoub- Founder

She received her bachelor’s degree in economics from the American University of Beirut in 1991 and worked for the Banque Misr-Iran for Development for a period of time. She became responsible for the exchange program for students in Egypt and the Arab region in the American University for almost three years. She is the mother of two children (a boy and a girl) in addition to her contribution to civil society through the participation in the activities of Al Hassan Foundation.





Ahmed Abu El Magd – Founder           

Ahmed Abu El-Magd says, explaining his experience


that he had received his BA in Economics from the American University in Cairo since 1990. The following year he moved to Dubai to work for the UK Hunting Group as a sales manager. Four years later, an accident occurred while he was in AbuDhabi. A leap from the surface of one of the yachts to dive into the shallow water changed his life forever after he had a broken neck and a complete paralysis from the chest area to the limbs, and resorted to the use of wheelchair.

After all this time, he is now the CEO of Janan Design Studio, a specialized web design and web portal for a number of clients in Egypt and the Arab region. He also one of the members of board of Trustees in AL-Hassan Foundation for the permanently users of wheelchairs.





Tarek Tawfik – Founder

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the American University and an MBA from the European University in Barcelona. Mr. Tariq has 26 years of experience in the fields of marketing, sales and financial resources management. Currently, he is the financial executive manager of Med Softs Company and the managing director of Nile Shipping & Storage Company.






 Amr El Husseiny – Founder

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the American University in Cairo, Masters in Industrial Management from the University of New South Wales in Australia and is currently studying for an MBA from the Australian Institute of Management, and he is the founder and owner of “Grow Your Figure PTY Ltd” in Australia.







 Ingy Nassar – Founder

Being a woman in her 50s with a lot to give on both human & career front. Mrs. Nassar worked in several organizations in private and government sectors; like BBC, Ministry of Trade & Industry and others. In 2007 she established her own business starting a national project serving the export sector in Egypt. In 2009, she was selected to join the program of Goldman Sachs for Women Entrepreneurship & Leadership as a grant by the American University in Egypt. In 2012, she became of one of the founders of Alhassan FDN






Hisham Zeineldein – Founder

Mr. Zeineldein holds a Bachelor’s of Law degree from Cairo University & has been involved in Export/import business for more than 20 years. He is currently the Managing Director of The Florist Hub with branches in Cairo – Paris & Dubai








Our Staff & Volunteers

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