In July 2011, a car accident caused an 18-years-old boy named Al-Hassan to be paralyzed and permanently bound to a wheelchair.

But the same accident was also seen as an unprecedented initiative in Egypt when Al-Hassan’s mother and a group of friends decided to launch an entity for the development and integration of wheelchairs users serving all provinces. After the mother touched on the endless hardships faced by wheelchair users, ranging from acceptance, integration, acceptance, and empowerment and other challenges of daily life.

This was the starting point, and Al Hassan Foundation was established in 2013. After the date of the accident and overcoming many difficulties, Al-Hassan Sedky was awarded scholarship and then became the only player of Arab and Egyptian descent in the field of basketball on a wheelchair. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas Arlington. He currently lives independently, plays basketball, and studies a dual Master in Quantitative Finance and Economics.

Al Hassan Foundation is a non-profit development organization operating under the umbrella of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, under registration no. 711/2013, and we are proud that more than 50% of the Board of Trustees and 80% of employees of the Foundation are users of permanent wheelchairs.

Al Hassan Foundation provides practical, realistic and modern solutions through a variety of development projects that ensure the effective integration of people with physical differences and give them opportunities to use their physical differences in a positive and effective manner.